Last update: July 6, 2021

I stratify my goals as short term vs. long term. I consider the latter in tiers: bare minimum (e.g. did I stretch today?), reasonable (e.g. Did I read that paper today? Did I log my mileage?), and “reach” (Did I submit my manuscript? Did I PR in that marathon?)

Long-term goals:

  1. Defend my thesis
  2. Earn my Ph.D. in toxicology
  3. Run sub-3:00 in a marathon
  4. Watch the Olympic Marathon or track events in person
  5. Write an Op-Ed about environmental health for NYT

Short-term goals:

Goals of Summer 2021:

  1. Bare minimum
    1. Finish writing my thesis
    2. Train through the summer without injury
    3. Call my parents once per week
    4. 20 mile long run x 2 while building up to Boston
    5. Finish the Boston Marathon
    6. Write a research summary article for StudyFinds.com
    7. Pitch a story idea to a news outlet
  2. Reasonable
    1. Make new friends in North Carolina
    2. Lift at least 3 times per week
    3. Drink at least three water bottles per day (#hydration)
    4. Maintain active social-media presence on @PhDistance
    5. Run sub 18:30-min in a 5k
    6. Finish the Boston Marathon sub 3:20
    7. Produce a podcast episode for Genetics in Your World
    8. Write an opinion or research summary for a science news outlet
  3. Reach
    1. Run sub-18 minute in a 5K
    2. Run a half-marathon time-trial in under 90 minutes
    3. Run sub 3:05 hours in the marathon
    4. Lead a project in my first year at ICF