This page contains posts about my goals.

I stratify my goals as short term vs. long term. I consider the latter in tiers: bare minimum (e.g. did I stretch today?), reasonable (e.g. Did I read that paper today? Did I log my mileage?), and “reach” (Did I submit my manuscript? Did I PR in that marathon?)

Long-term goals:

  1. Publish a first-author manuscript
  2. Defend my thesis
  3. Career in science communication
  4. Settle-down somewhere with lots of trees and mountains
  5. Run sub-3:05 in a marathon
  6. Maintain my love for running
  7. Watch the Olympic Marathon or track events in person

Short-term goals:

Goals of Summer 2020:

  1. Bare minimum
    1. Write my manuscript
    2. Troubleshoot a new behavior assay for lab
    3. Train through the summer
    4. Try out one new hobby
    5. Call my parents once per week
  2. Reasonable
    1. Set up career chats with alumni
    2. Meet with my advisor at least once per month
    3. Keep record of my daily mileage
    4. Keep record of my daily hours of sleep
    5. Maintain active social-media presence
    6. Start a Twitter for my Toxicology department
    7. Update my thesis advisory committee before the Fall on my project
  3. Reach
    1. Outline my thesis document
    2. Publish two papers before September
    3. Run a half-marathon time-trial in under 90 minutes
    4. Begin an internship in science communication