Winter Warrior

January 27, 2020

In general, running makes me feel strong. I’m mindful of the fact that my muscles, tendons, and bones move together to perform a task that requires strength and endurance. Sometimes the run requires a little extra strength and endurance… Especially during winter in Rochester:

It gets a bit snowy. Have I mentioned that?!?

It’s January, and winter is in full swing. The very first weekend brought this squall/slush mix of snow, just in time for a half-marathon I raced. The race was put on by one of the local running companies, and was aptly named the “Winter Warrior Half Marathon.”  Despite the cold and wet conditions, I had a fun time! Plus, I got some great swag (this very cool pom-pom hat) and $100 out of it for placing second overall!

Here’s my recap of the race:

The race was at Rochester Tech Park, and the course was a quadruple >3 mile loop around a bunch of buildings. There was a lot of gray, pavement, and puddles. If not for Tim and Jacquie cheering me on, the race would have been as lively as the abandoned K-Mart across the street.

So, this race was mentally very tough. There were long sight-lines, and volunteers who tried to tell me that a “warrior would go through the puddles!!” Maybe, but I, an intellectual, preferred to go ~*around*~ the puddle.

The race was also physically tough. I haven’t pushed myself for a run in a very long time, and it was satisfying to realize I still had it in me. I averaged 7:15min/mile for the first “quarter marathon,” then held a 6:45 pace for the remainder. Tim had ridden his bike to the race and was biking alongside me in chunks to cheer me on. His conception of 13.1 miles astounds me. One can be 3, 8, or 12 miles in, yet be “almost there” in every case.

I joke. He definitely helped me a lot. ❤

Afterwards, my hips felt like they belonged to an elderly person who had accidentally misplaced them inside my body. That was a weird way to say I was stiff. You get it. Anyway, Jacquie ran with me for my cool-down run, after which I was much less stiff, and able to venture over to the post-race party tent for snacks.

The post-race snacks helped a lot too. They fed us Mac-n-cheese and warm broth for electrolyte replenishment Maybe it was the cold, making me desperate for warmth, or maybe it was my constantly dehydrated state of existence (I’m sorry to blame you, dearest coffee…) but that was the BEST post-race food I’ve ever had. Warm broth. Mac and cheese. WOW. Gustatory excellence. The real winner today was the chef who provided this nourishment.

Here are some photos of me and Jacquie cheesin’ after feastin’:

The first-weekend race had a lot of highlights, and was a great way to enter January. The subsequent weeks brought more wintery weather and trying runs. Trudging through the snow is becoming the norm, once again. However, this year, I have some more running buddies who tough it out with me. V grateful for those ladies.

The rest are solo runs, which provide reprieve from lab and introspection time. All in all, running in 2020 is off to a good start. As I sign off, I leave you with this lil poem (#cultured):

In regards to running, life is swell.

But for graduate school, well…

I’m writing a paper.

So it’s kind of been Hell.

How I feel presenting my manuscript ideas to my advisor:

Academic prose is much different than poetry, unfortunately. (Because I have a clear talent with the latter, obviously…) Most of my PI’s edits have been slashes through my creative use of adjectives. Next post will follow up on THAT misadventure.

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4 thoughts on “Winter Warrior”

  1. You won SECOND OVERALL IN A HALF MARATHON?!?! I’m not surprised but CONGRATS Ashley! You’re doing an amazing job at both running and grad school. You have the mental fortitude necessary for both! Hope the training for the full marathon in March is going well.


    1. Thank you so much Kelly 🙂 Second overall FEMALE! Nevertheless, I thought it was exciting!
      I see that you’ve been tackling some snowy runs yourself! Maybe you’ll join me for this race next year?!


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