The work-run-life balance.


The last few days have been BUSY. I’ve been constantly zipping around lab running what feels like a decathlon of experiments. With such a heavy load during the day, I crave an actual run as my reprieve.

On Tuesdays, I actually have two ways to de-stress: running, and dinner with my boyfriend, Tim. Each Tuesday, Tim and I make a meal together. Sometimes, we do grilled-cheese using FaNcY cheese from the Wegman’s “cheese cave.” Bougie.Gruyere grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup

However, yesterday, I didn’t have time to run and prep dinner, so I had to choose. I picked dinner, and was initially pretty disappointed with myself for that decision. I could have gotten up earlier. I could have taken my lunch break to run. I could have run twice, but shorter to make the most of free time during the day. Why couldn’t I manage my time better? Was I not taking running seriously??

Yeah, I could have done any of those. But I didn’t. And, I realize that’s not necessarily bad. I manage my time just fine, and I take running as seriously as needed at this point in my life.

Reflecting on it, I realize I need not be disappointed, and I shouldn’t feel such intense pressure to accomplish everything on my to-do list. It’s important to enjoy the time spent with people I love, in this case, Tim. It really does no good to consider the other things I could have done with that time, because this just robs me of my happiness. We cook together because it makes us happy, and it seems silly to compromise this.

I’m writing this post is because I saw a common thread between my work-life balance and my run-life balance: the balance is off! I stress out a lot if I miss a run or something gets delayed in lab. But, I don’t stress as much if I am late to hangout with people I care about. I think I need to reset my balance. As great as running and racing is, it’s a lot less fun to cross the finish line, and have no one there, rooting for you. Similarly, lab would be less fun with no one to joke around with or take coffee breaks with.

So, I’m glad I made the most of that time and made the delicious meal below. It helped me consider how I balance parts of my life, and what makes me happiest at the end of the day. At the end of yesterday, it was this:

Mini-portabella mushrooms stuffed with spinach risotto.

“Good thing i didn’t accomplish all my goals yet because then what would I do tomorrow?” ~ Alexi Pappas, distance runner

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